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"Everything was a full sensation of beauty. These perfumes are gorgeous and will make you feel unique. The entire experience is perfect!"


"I fell in love with every single one.They are so silky and smooth, you can't help but feel special and sexy. I highly recommend any of these fragrances."


"Unique-smelling, yet mass-appealing fragrances. Gorgeous, functional, elegant packaging and artwork. Excellent price range. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"


"Absolutely wonderful company! Not only are the fragrances unique and beautiful, but the customer service is excellent. The full bottles are also beautifully presented."


"I absolutely love these samples. The musk based perfumes are particularly lovely...just trying to decide which one is my favourite."


"Delacourte - you have bewitched me! The scents take me to a happy time and place that I cannot identify. It’s pure magic!"


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Reviews of 20,000+ verified buyers

- 06/10/2019 - Heidi, United States


your scents (i got both musk and vanilla sample sets) are incredible, nuanced and perfect!

- 05/10/2019 - Allison, United Kingdom


My samples arrived yesterday! They are simply beautiful. The lovely scent has lasted from 7am this morning until now.... 12hrs so far. I'm absolutely loving them. Thank you so much Sylvaine Delacourte Paris x

- 04/10/2019 - Emma, United Kingdom

Love it

Most wonderful scents I've tried in a long time. I'm getting the 100ml Florentina bottle.

- 04/10/2019 - Linda, United States

Gorgeous perfumes

The perfumes themselves were gorgeous, but I also really liked the little booklet. I liked reading about each one before I sampled it.

- 03/10/2019 - Allison, United States


I was impressed with the value, the packaging, the scents themselves, as well as the videos, website and FB page. Very well done. Also, your customer service is extraordinary

- 03/10/2019 - Andrea, United States

Love to try perfumes before buying

I love being able to try on a fragrance more than once to determine if it goes with my body chemistry.

- 01/10/2019 - Dalila, France

Impossible de choisir

Ça été super expérience pour de découvrir de nouveaux parfum j'ai commandé les deux pack découvertes musc et vanille c'est mes préférés impossibles de choisir.

- 30/09/2019 - Agnes, France

Du bonheur

L’idée de faire découvrir les différentes compositions sous forme de pack est vraiment une bonne idée. Le petit livret est aussi le bienvenu pour découvrir chaque parfum.

- 30/09/2019 - Corine, France

Très chic

J'ai adoré le packaging très sympa, de bon goût, discret et chic

- 29/09/2019 - Aleksandra, Germany


Oh, the packaging is wonderful, and the booklet too.