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"Everything was a full sensation of beauty. These perfumes are gorgeous and will make you feel unique. The entire experience is perfect!"


"I fell in love with every single one.They are so silky and smooth, you can't help but feel special and sexy. I highly recommend any of these fragrances."


"Unique-smelling, yet mass-appealing fragrances. Gorgeous, functional, elegant packaging and artwork. Excellent price range. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"


"Absolutely wonderful company! Not only are the fragrances unique and beautiful, but the customer service is excellent. The full bottles are also beautifully presented."


"I absolutely love these samples. The musk based perfumes are particularly lovely...just trying to decide which one is my favourite."


"Delacourte - you have bewitched me! The scents take me to a happy time and place that I cannot identify. It’s pure magic!"


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- 06/11/2019 - Marian, United States

Gorgeous scents

Your gorgeous scents, generous samples, and beautiful packaging exceeded my expectations. I already bought a vanilla scent, then ordered your other discovery collections, and will be buying more. Your branding was beautiful and the scent descriptions were intriguing. I was looking for a vanilla scent.

- 05/11/2019 - Yvonne, United States

Delicate and sexy

I loved all the samples. The fragrances are delicate and sexy.

- 05/11/2019 - Lisa, United States

So nice

Samples came quickly, nicely packaged. Love the owner's experience with perfume and being able to sample it inexpensively

- 04/11/2019 - Ashley, United States


My experience was delightful and fun. The opportunity to test out high quality scents at a fair price caught my attention.

- 04/11/2019 - Mary deann, United States

Loved all of them

Every scent was a pleasant adventure.Loved all of them. I am going to try the Musk collection.

- 03/11/2019 - Susan, United States


So many incredible scents...I’m still having fun trying them all! I loved Sylvaine’s bio and and passion for creating. I also liked that I could try so many scents at my own pace and that they’re unique. I don’t want to smell like everyone else or like a tear out page from a fashion magazine

- 02/11/2019 - Cynthia, United States


I love the perfumes and the samples sizes are generous and fairly priced. I Can’t decide which to buy! I may try the travel size first. Love the qualifications and experience of Sylvaine Delacourte.

- 01/11/2019 - Valerie, France


Les parfums, les fragrances sont délicates, très sensorielle et nous amène vers un voyage différent à chaque découverte.

- 01/11/2019 - Dena, United States


Fascinating! So much fun to try these new fragrances!

- 01/11/2019 - Jacqueline, United States

I'm thirlled

I am thrilled at the level of sensory variation I can experience with my musk collection. I smelled them all when they arrived. Rated the scents from 1-5 of preference. Smeraldo, heleicris were my favorites. Have worn them already and was delighted by the almost euphoric sensation I got in their wearing. Am anticipating trying the other 3. Can't decide how to rank florentina and lilylang, as they vie for spots 3 &4. Dovana i can't quite decide where it goes, that fragrance puzzled me most. I am beyond delighted in my purchase. Love the concept