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The Concept

While working for 15 years as Perfume Creative Director at Guerlain, I had the chance to work on the creation of over 70 perfumes including international successes, but to be honest I was missing my total creative freedom.

In 2017 I decided to launch my own brand around a unique concept, to present the most iconic raw materials in perfumery in 5 original facets in order to give them a new, unique, and unexpected personality.

You will discover surprising associations like Green Musk or Spicy Vanilla.

I wanted to offer you refined and multi faceted perfumes which are 100% made in France, cruelty-free and are composed of natural ingredients at more than 80%.

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Meet the perfumes

Tender Musk
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I wanted to create a fresh perfume as light as soap bubbles that makes you feel cheerful and free
Spicy Vanilla
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Mysterious and intriguing, a secret combination of woody notes spices and vanilla inspired by chai tea
Powdery Musk
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Iris, whose powdered notes combines marvellously with musk to ceate a cashmere-like effect
Aromatic Vanilla
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Tribute to Virgil a poet symbolising serenity, discover a new combination of vanilla and aromatic notes
Solar Musk
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A luminous perfume, where jasmine combines with ylang-ylang, which mean "flower of the flowers" in Indonesian
Fresh Vanilla
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Like a big bang of bright notes within a tender vanilla heart, Valkyrie is going to surprise you with its contrasts

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Facebook review
Kay, MI
"I honestly thought I did not like Musk or Vanilla until I smelled these wonderful creations, I do love the perfumes!"
Youtube video
Jennifer, CA, The Daily Connoisseur
"Perfect if you want something unique and different, very Parisian - this is such a cool idea and I love it!"
Facebook review
Leslie, SC
"Thank you Sylvaine and Pierre for the brilliant service. Perfumes are awesome. So warm and surround with nice emotions. Can't even decide which one I love the most."
Facebook review
Monica, NY
"Very good service. Moderately priced. Highest quality. Dreamlike fragrances!"
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