& Expertise

As a lover of all kinds of perfume and beautiful raw materials with innovative molecules, Sylvaine knows how to give soul to a perfume and release emotions.

From director of olfactory evaluation at Guerlain to the exclusive collections, she has developed a strict policy of exceptional quality, the signature of great perfumes.

of Emotions

Perfumes have the power to unleash emotion and to change your mood.

With her understanding of the mechanisms of the olfactory memory and using active listening skills, Sylvaine has been able to create perfumes which compliment our different personalities.

& Passing on her Skills

Sylvaine has always enjoyed sharing her passion for perfume with everyone she comes into contact with. She wants to pass on the fascinating art of creation and her own interest in fragrance to others.

She has created the discovery experience to draw you into the work behind the scenes of each fragrance, from the moment of inspiration to working the raw materials.

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