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At the heart of each fragrance a noble and beautiful iconic raw material meets audacious and unexpected ingredients.

We met the challenge by presenting Orange Blossom, Musk and Vanilla in 5 original facets, to offer them a new, unique, and unexpected personality.

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As a lover of perfumes, beautiful raw materials and with more than 70 creations for Guerlain including L’Instant, Insolence and also Bespoke Perfumes, Sylvaine Delacourte is well known for creating exceptional perfumes.

The Creator

Meet each Olfactive Portrait
with a unique personality

Tender Musk
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Ambrette d'Equateur
Iris d'Italie
Néroli de Tunisie

A fresh perfume as light as a soap bubble creates a feeling of cheer and freedom.

Icy Orange
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Orange du Brésil
Estragon d'Hongrie
Petit Grain du Paraguay

Aa flower mixed with a cascade of cool water, an airy fragrance that leaves a rich, ample trail.

Aromatic Vanilla
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Sauge de France
Romarin de Tunisie
Cèdre des Etats-Unis

A tribute to Virgil, the poet who symbolizes serenity, a novel combination of vanilla and aromatic herbs.

Powdery Musk
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Amande de France
Iris d'Italie
Vetiver d'Haïti

Iris, whose powdered notes combine marvelously with musk to create cashmere like effect.

Leathery Orange
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Mandarine d'Italie
Fève Tonka du Brésil
Immortelle d'Espagne

Orange blossom with leathery notes that is luminous, pronounced and as gentle as a caress.

Fresh Vanilla
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Limette du Brésil
Basilic des Comores
Menthe des Etats-Unis

A big bang of bright notes within a tender vanilla heart, Valkyrie surprises you with its contrasts.


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"I fell in love with every single one.They are so silky and smooth, you can't help but feel special and sexy. I highly recommend any of these fragrances."


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"Absolutely wonderful company! Not only are the fragrances unique and beautiful, but the customer service is excellent. The full bottles are also beautifully presented."


"I absolutely love these samples. The musk based perfumes are particularly lovely...just trying to decide which one is my favourite."


"Delacourte - you have bewitched me! The scents take me to a happy time and place that I cannot identify. It’s pure magic!"

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Madame Figaro
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"Most promising new niche brand"

"Her Vanilla Collection is a true masterpiece"

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